Fazup avis : comment peut-il vous changer la vie ?

Human life has become too attached to mobile phones : an essential tool for the smallest things, take a glance at the weather, know the train schedules, make purchases or especially to call … A diet that we makes them exposed to waves with harmful effects in the long term hence the need for an effective device to limit these exposures is necessary.

What is Fazup?

The Fazup is an accessory for mobile phones which is a round patch to stick to the back of his phone in order to reduce the waves, it has a template that ensures a very precise positioning on the back of the phone.

This patch is u do passive antenna which works mainly on the reduction of the maximum power of the phone after Antonie Samakh, a co-founder of the company Fazup.

Why should you have this patch in your cell phone?

The damage caused by constant exposure to waves from mobile phones are quite reason enough to think of a way that makes us avoid such damage, the experts are about that of the same opinion that s nly a Fazup patch may be the solution , because:

  • It is the only scientifically proven anti-radiation device for cell phones .
  • It eliminates 90% to 99% of the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate).
  • It is compatible with practically all brands of mobile phones (Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Xiao mi, LG …).
  • Its price is quite negligible compared to the benefits it brings .
  • It is discreet and aesthetically very pretty.

Don’t wait any longer to get your FAZUP patch!

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